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Volunteers of different ages work regularly at Ombili. They come mainly from Germany.

The areas of application are diverse. The focus is on activities in the kindergarten and the foundation garden. But also the support of the management, the responsibility for the shop, leisure activities and much more are on the up to 12-month program.

Experienced or retired volunteers also regularly come to Ombili to use their knowledge and skills to work on certain projects (e.g. health care, kindergarten, school, product development, etc.).

A work and study permit is required for several months of on-site support, which must be applied for at least three months before the start of the activity at Ombili at the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia. Further information can be found on the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia.

For further information please contact the management ( ) or Dr. Rüdiger von Versen ( ) at your disposal.