The clinic in ombili has been around since 1990 when ombili foundation started. It goes way back than that, it was used by soldiers in omauni during war. When war ended, the clinic wasn't needed anymore so they moved it to ombili. Its operation continued in ombili, treating sick people, mostly the san. All the medications that they used were for the army.

Currently, the clinic is still operating. Patients only go to the hospital when they are very sick or very serious conditions. 

The distance between ombili and any nearest clinic or hospital is more than 20km for a sick patient to travel. It can be very risky incase of emergency situations. 

Any donations, in terms of medications or monetary to our clinic will be highly appreciated. 


A sick child in the clinic.

A new born baby

A new born baby.

Make the world a better place and put a smile on a sad face.