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  • We have a garden that can provide food for the entire community in Ombili. which on average can last for a month or less. We are trying to make it bigger to produce enough food for everyone in ombili.  The Ombili garden was started 1991 by Mr. Klause Maise-Rische. 

  • We managed to train some of our workers on how to do basic maintenance such each as repairing houses or buildings with their components, as well as plumbing.  The foundation bought a brick laying machines which reduced the cost of buying new bricks when building new buildings.  Ombili built security…

  • The clinic in ombili has been around since 1990 when ombili foundation started. It goes way back than that, it was used by soldiers in omauni during war. When war ended, the clinic wasn't needed anymore so they moved it to ombili. Its operation continued in ombili, treating sick people,…

  • Little history about the Kindergarten In 1994, Ombili built a private kindergarten for the san people. At first, Afrikaans was the only language they taught in kindergarten. Later, they started teaching a little bit German. They where taught by Germans and Afrikaner teachers. As time passed, they started introducing English…

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The San people

One of the oldest ethnic group found in Namibia. They were known as the first people to live in Namibia. The SAN- also known as bushmen, a ethnic group in great danger of losing their cultural and social identity.


Ombili Foundation Management

Mr Johan Zaayman 

General Manager

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Mr. Joao Ndumba 

Manager of Special Projects and Logistics, Garden, Farm and Maintenance

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Mrs. Caren Zaayman

Manager of Finance, Control of Hostel affairs, Crafts and General sales

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