Ombili foundation managed to provide at least around 40 san people with jobs. Ombili at this stage has no enough available work to offer to all unemployed san people living in ombili. In order to reduce unemployment among the community, Ombili foundation has found a way to provide income; this is by buying crafts from the san people at least 2 to 3 times a month. This crafts are exported to Germany and some other countries where they are sold. Some crafts are bought by lodges, tourists and shops in Namibia. Money generated from this crafts is transferred back to ombili and used for buying crafts again from the san people. The more money generated, the more their income increases.

Male employees

Male Employees

selling crafts to ombili

Selling crafts to ombili foundation

cutting poles for selling

Cutting poles (for sale)

working in the hostel kitchen

Working in the Hostel, preparing lunch.